I had overtime at work this evening so Grandpa came to pick you up from school. I was happy I got to see you at dismissal and send you with him since there was the possibility you would be asleep whan I got home. I was also glad that you didn’t fuss about that. You happily said bye to me and left, I was just post halfway through my meeting when mon sent a message saying everything was a disaster for you. I had to stay and frush but I drready planned to leave as quickly as possible so I could hopefully say goodnight. I found you just lounging clothes and do it to get ready for bed. You stood up,smiled,and said baba when you saw me but quickly dropped down crying and screaming. low seem to be feeling anxiouslately and we aren’t sure why. This morning you were afraid of some leaves on the ground and they weren’t all all peculiar or menacing. Whatever it is that has you feeling uneasy, Mom and I will keep showing you our love and protecting you. You finally calmed down tonight and got to sleep while we layed beside you. We are always happy to be your comfort.

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