You were so eager to get back to school this morning you didn’t even want to spend time getting ready. You got a bit fussy about brushing your teeth and putting on your shoes until I assured you we would ride the bike and go soon. You got over it quickly and we made our way. I had been very sleepy and felt guilty I hadn’t talked sweetly or given you many smiles in the morning so I tried to be a bit more upbeat when we arrived. I said dao le which you excitedly repeated. You and I talked a bit on the way to your classroom then went our separate ways to start the school day. It took a while before I could pick you updownstairs at the end of the day. You were already down there for about 15 minutes so Ms. Anna had got a hold on you. You still only let her hold you if I am not around,but I am always glad when you and willing to trust somone I know well eventually. I lugged you for a while as my students were picked up but eventually Joyce came by and you gladly went with her to play back upstairs in Panda Home. Agan, it took a while for me to catch up because one student was picked up very late. I got a surprise when I finally did get upstairs because Demi was holding you. You always try to avoid Demi even more than Anna so I really couldn’t believe it. I don’t think she’s ever held you before. It was late so we got our things and rode home. I enjoyed hearing your backseat chatter as usual, especially when you just kept repeating I love you for no obvious reason. You vere funny as I parked the bike at home. You noticed another never bilee with colorful lights. We cack made a few comments about the lights before it rode away and you longingly sad deng deng zou le. We had a good evening but the milestone was us all eating dinner together. Mom and I have thought it would be better to start instead of always feeding you first separately. It went well and felt nice to be eating and chatting together.

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