You woke and cried briefly around 4:45 this morning. Mom was able to quickly calm you, but you never really settled back into still sleep. You kept shifting around, waving your pillow about, and especially rolling into or onto me. It was rather frustrating since we both had to be ready for the first day of school today. On the other Hans, we didn’t have any rush to get ready to leave. As soon as I decided to get out of bed you opened your unsleeping eyes, sat up, and said baba. The prep and trip to school went smoothly. I know you enjoyed getting to ride the bike after a long time without. When we got to school you were clearly excited but also a little nervous. You paused at the front door for a minute before going in. You seemed a bit confused when we got off on the second floor and started walking to your new classroom. Then you saw Huahua and went to see her. You helped her push the cart somewhere out of the way, then helped her carry the basket to get your classes fruit. I stayed until you started breakfast and you seemed a bit unsure. You began eating but didn’t pay attention to anything but the big classroom windows. You could have just been admiring the view, but it felt like you were a little worried. You eventually said bye and I went off to my class. I was pleasantly surprised to spot you from my window later on and caught some video. I sent that and other videos from the morning to mom. She said she missed you and later accused me of missing you too when I sent yet another photo of you sleeping at nap time. She was right. Even though you were just below me, I just kept wanting to know you were happy and well today. Of course, you were and seemed to have had a great day. You were very happy at the end of the day and we had a good evening. I hope tomorrow can be as wonderful for you again, but with you feeling even more confident and happy.

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