I had to leave a bit earlier for work today and was mostly ready before you woke up. You did get up before I left though, so we could say bye. Luckily you didn’t make as big a fuss about my departure today. You did cry a little just as exited the door, but before that you had said goodbye and waved. I am not sure if you even noticed I had come back home later in the evening. You and mom were playing on grandpa’s bed. I had a terrible headache and just wanted to sit in our room quietly for a while. I still managed to have some fun with you after dinner. Mom and I had told you my head hurt and you seemed to understand. You didn’t get too crazy on the bed and actually wanted to sit in my lap and calmly look at books and chat. I have been pushing myself too late every night to get more done for work, but tonight I will come to bed earlier and enjoy relaxing with you more.

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