Wow, I am so proud of you. Today we had time to do a beach trip right. Unfortunately, it turned out that the beach we visited yesterday was now closed too. I felt it was hopeless, but we drove along the coast a little while and found another small beach that was still open. We immediately parked, went down, changed you into swimwear and started to play. I set you on the wet sand first so you could feel it and decide for yourself if you were ready to walk to the water. You immediately went towards it. You let the waves roll up around your ankles for a minute and I said you could sit down. We sat together as you giggled and splashed. After a few more minutes I asked if you want to go in and you were still very keen. I held you and we waded in until you and I just had our heads above the water. I spent some time holding you with my arms outstretched to let you try kicking and paddling motions. It wasn’t easy for you to understand the instructions but you eventually figured it out and did a little bit of swimming motions. Grandpa had been swimming laps and came to take over. We all were impressed with how ready you were to get into the water. The ocean can be very intimidating but you were so eager. We swam with you for about 40 minutes then decided we should let you play on the beach to avoid getting too tired or cold. When it had been nearly an hour, some people came to tell us the beach needed to close in that location too. It wasn’t a long time but it was a great time. I can’t express how amazing it was to play with you in the water and on the sand and see how happy you were.

We went to have lunch then back to the hotel for a late nap. I worried you would sleep a long time, but you got up after less than 2 hours. We figured it might be a good time to go try the swimming pool and quickly got ready. Just as with the beach, you saw the water and said shut while pointing to it. Again I asked if you wanted to go down in the water and you did. We walked on a shallow part of the pool that just reached your knees, but soon you wanted to run right off the ledge into the deeper water. I had a hard time holding your hand to keep you from dropping off and sinking but eventually convinced you to be held and we waded again. You did some more excellent practice kicking and paddling. We also played a game that I showed you at the beach. I would hold you up to keep your head above the water but submerge myself when you said bye bye. You found this funny at the beach but kept sending me underwater even more frequently at the pool. Mom was keeping an eye on the weather while we played and told me rain could start soon. We had already been playing in the water for about 45 minutes and it was cooler since the sky was now very overcast. We decided to get ready to leave in to avoid the rain and again keep you from catching cold. It was perfect timing because as soon as we were ready to leave the rain started.

The rain was intermittent and never too heavy so we went out for dinner. I really thought you would be exhausted again when we got back to the hotel, but you still wanted to play. I think you’re enjoying the time with us all together so much that you just don’t want the days to end. We eventually got you settled for bed and I am relaxing with the rain now pouring tremendously hard outside. Seems the typhoon is arriving and we were lucky to have enjoyed as much as we did today. Tomorrow we go home, so hopefully the weather will give us a break.

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