We’re here in Huizhou. The trip went well. Driving was smooth and you handled the ride in your car seat without much fuss. Everybody was up early and had breakfast. Most of the packing was done except for a few little things so we were able to leave according to plan before 9:30 without any rushing. Although the morning prep and travel itself went well, we had a little bad news on arriving. There is a typhoon expected to land in a couple of days so apparently the nearest beach is already closed. There is no swimming there but we hope to at oeast play in the sand there and walk along the beach sometimes. There was another nearby beach that we were told was still open and that is were we planned to try some swimming, hut we had no idea how it would be. We decided to go check it out after lunch and your nap and it was indeed still open. However, it was extremely crowded and we didn’t really take everything to enjoy it well. Since we were just checking it out we hadn’t planned to swim and so didn’t have our swimwear or changes of clothes for us. We did let you plan in the sand, but it was lighly raining on and off so the sand was all wet and sticky. It made such a mess you and we had a really hard time cleaning you up. You had gotten sand stuck all around your eyes and I was very worried about it getting into them. We didn’t spend much time before deciding to just bail on the beach and go to dinner. It was a lucky choice because it started raining heavily anyways. Even though it wasn’t a very fun-filled day, it has been busy and everyone is tired. I think we all had a poor mood and just needed to slow down. I know you’re excited about everything new you’re seeing and I hope we can let you enjoy it more. zwe need some luck with the weather, but even our hotel is good for you to enjoy. It’s the same company we stayed with last time, but a different apartment with a swing, slide, tent, and other toys for you to play with. We’ll make the most of it even if we can’t have a nice beach experience and of course all enjoy just being together.

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