I finally conceded. It’s the same as the last time I cut your hair. I feel so guilty watching you contort your head and straing your eyes to see at some crazy angle. I decided I could give it another shot since egrandpa came over and would help around the house with other things. I also figured it would be better to sit you in your high chair and get it done before your shower this time. See, after the day we failed to get it cut at the mall I did in fact watch some videos on layering. The concept seemed simple enough, but I knew the challenge would be keeping you patient and occupied so you would get upset or even just curious and try to keep looking around. Mom agreed to be your distraction and play some videos for you to watch too, but it didn’t work very well. You still wanted to look atbmy hands each time they moved toward you. You also got a little squirmy a few times when you didn’t feel interested in the entertainment and wanted out if the chair. I did my best yet had to take a few breaths through the process. When you’d suddenly move your head as I made a cut or before I could even approach I would get so frustrated. I know it isn’t your fault but I was so worried I would make an awful looking mess of your head. I felt fairly sure I had done bybthe time I stopped, even though I tried to keep cuts quite conservative. Only after your bath and blow-dry did I feel better. The layers actually look decent for a first attempt and on a moving client. I think the overall look still suits you and it is definitely lighter. If you think otherwise when you look back on photos around this time, apologies… I did hope a professional would have done it but by now I just had to try and help you out.

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