Hanging out in the house today and I suddenly remembered that I have a drawing pad and crayons I wanted to let you try. I’ve emailed had them for a long time before you were born, but kept them just for you even when I recently threw out tons of other stuff that I’d been holding on to and was just clutter. I brought them out to the living room mat and you were immediately interested. I asked ni Yao but Yao huahua and I think you have heard this before so understood what the things were for. The crayons are a special type that only color from one end so you had to work out how to hold them for a while, but eventually you got the hang of scribbling on the page some. I wanted it to be something we did together so I started doodling a bit too. I drew a star and you were very happy about that. Now that you can sing twinkle twinkle little star you’re very pleased whenever you see star shapes. You started to tell me things you wanted to draw like banana and Eddy and I would make my best little pictures. It was even more awesome though when you would scribble a little and point at it while saying it was one of the things I had drawn. I don’t care that your scribbles look nothing like what you said they were. It is amazing to me to see your mind working those things out. You’ll get even better at it. I am glad you like being creative and that we had a new chance to do so together.

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