We didn’t go out this morning because I had some errands to run in the afternoon and didn’t want to be too tired. Mom bought a computer and has been waiting for me to pick it up, so I went once you two laid down for a nap. That took a while, then I still needed to atop and meet a lady who had a car seat to sell us. We’ll need it for our road trip next week and haven’t been able to meet her yet. You woke up shortly after I got back so we played inside and had our usual evening routine. You were curious about the chair but I had to take apart all the coverings and cushions to wash them. We’ll see how well you can adjust to sitting in it because you like to roam the backseat when we usually ride in taxis. Our trip will be longer and on the highway so safe seating is important. You have more experience sitting on the bike seat now, so maybe that will help you tolerate it well.

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