I was supposed to be with you for the morning while mom had a doctor’s appointment but it ended up being most of the day. You woke me at 7 and mom was already gone. We got up and I gave you the breakfast she had prepared. I got ready as you ate, then did some quick cleanup and got you changed and ready for the day. Throughout that time, you were absolutely precious. You were singing songs and dancing along with videos I was playing on my phone. You really like twinkle twinkle little star and can sing it well. You also enjoyed doing the actions to if your happy and you know it. I wanted to take you out to play again so we went to Tianhe park. I took you to the furthest side and we walked well into the middle over a while. We stopped to enjoy some breaks in places where you found interesting things. The first was a big grassy field with a lot of flowers growing in the middle. I found a flower to put in your hair and we kicked your ball for a couple minutes. Other places we stopped were mostly where older folks were playing music or singing as it always caught your attention. We stayed around one of the lakes the longest, watching some ducks and fish you spotted there. I had pointed out a big tree there, and you quickly picked up on that word. As we walked you would point out other trees which often had different appearance from the one I had shown you, but still knew what they were and how to say it. We just backtracked from there through the places we had already walked in order to go home for lunch.

Mom would have been done by then, but there was a scheduling problem and she couldn’t see the doctor yet. Since we will be traveling next week it is important that she get the appointment done this week. She came home to make you lunch, but left again to wait on the doctor. You and I had lunch and a nap, then mom finally finished and came home.

I am very proud of how well behaved and clever you are. Spending more time one on one like this really let’s me see how much you understand and know. It was a great day, and mom’s checkup of the baby didn’t show anything new to worry about so we’re all feeling happy. I love you dear daughter.

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