I was thinking it’d be nice to take you to play in further places by going on the bike, but I hadn’t charged it until yesterday afternoon. Since it was ready this morning I decided we could go down to the riverfront a while. I knew you enjoyed playing there with your class recently and it would give mom some time to do things and rest. We got down there and I took you to a grassy hill with some boulders atop it. I saw you climbing such boulders with your class, but you weren’t very interested and kept wanting to be held. I tried taking you to another hilltop where more children were playing and you were finally willing to roam some. You explored a couple trees and enjoyed climbing the steps and stones on the hillside. Eventually though you came up to me and starting saying huati. I knew there was a playground further down the river so we got back on the bike and rode to it. Unfortunately the morning sun was too hot and much of the playground equipment was way to hot to sit, crawl, climb, or slide on. You were happy to run about though since some other children were doing the same. You liked some of the equipment you could walk on, and on one of those pieces we met an older girl who took interest in you. She told me to look at her balloon which you had already spotted. It was a bear and helium filled so it could float. She was such a sweet kid that she voluntarily went to get the balloon and let you play with it when I said you liked it. You had fun following her around for a while and taking turns to “fly” the balloon. Just before leaving, we played on a seesaw for a couple minutes, where you copied funny boing noises I kept making as I bounced you.

In the afternoon, we took you to the women and children’s hospital for a checkup. Mom just wanted to consult the doctor to see how your growth was looking and talk about how often you get sick. I already know you get sick because school is easy to pick up germs from other kids, but you love going and need the stimulation. Mom still worries it’s something to do with you alone. Of course there isn’t much the doctor can say or do about this. Your growth looks good, even though mom worried about that too. Your 80 cm and 9.8kg which puts you fairly close to the middle of charts for your age. That’s inarguably more “normal” than you have ever been so there isn’t anything to worry about in that regard either.

We had a walk and dinner out before coming home, so it was another busy day and we just ended the day at home.

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