You were able to go back to school today, but it was raining in the morning so we didn’t take the bike. After being cooped up in the house for some days, you were very excited to look out the car windows and see the outside world. You were very happy to arrive at school and get into your classroom too. You still can’t see Eddy since he already went on holiday, but I know you had fun being with your other friends.

Tonight your class hosted and end-of-year dinner at the school. I saw mom downstairs when I dismissed my class and we came up to meet you. You were so excited to see us both at the end of the day rather than the usual going home routine. You didn’t care much to watch the video that was played. Instead, you and I played. You really like being chased so I ran after you all around the 4th floor. We played in the music room some too. I let you play the piano a while and you were patient enough to let me guide you to play twinkle twinkle little star by holding your finger. It was very funny that you eventually wanted to hold my finger and press the keys as though you were teaching me instead. We all came home and quickly did the evening bath and bedtime routine. It’s good to have you healthy and enjoying things again.

The thing you seemed to enjoy the most today was a hole in the ground. We heard your class went to walk along the riverfront and I just saw the daily report. There’s many videos of you just lying in a big hole. Many other children, from what I’ve seen of my own students as well as your classmates in the videos, are wary of such holes and only perhaps like to toss some things inside from a safe distance. You’re braver than most kids though so you plopped down right in the middle of it, reclined as though it was a perfect spot for you to rest.

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