I stayed home today because mom had an ultrasound appointment, grandpa won’t return until the afternoon, and you need to stay home because you’re too sick for school still. It’s difficult to say if your symptoms are improving or worsening. You didn’t seem to have much of a fever. You’re coughing a little less but still sneezing a lot, and your nose is less runny. When you do have snot to clean it is thicker and yellowed than before. You’re energy levels seem to be higher but it didn’t last long until you needed a rest again. We had a fairly smooth morning. You wanted to go to bed on your own and managed to sleep for an hour before mom got home. After she arrived we all had lunch and kept you occupied for a while. You were ready to sleep again a little later in the afternoon. In the evening, I noticed that you were a lot fussing with mom and grandpa than you had been with me. You seem most attached to me so you’re easily upset when dealing with them and they often don’t act as patiently as I do. I’m glad you got good rest today though and hope to see more improvement. You have had a weird mood about not wanting to drink water though, so we need to keep monitoring you carefully.

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