We went back to the indoor playground today, and this time Knockknock came too. We’ve been talking to you about it for some days now, and you have really seemed excited. You kept repeating boboqi after mom and would even say it on your own at times. I expected you to go a little crazy when we arrived, but you acted a little cautiously to check things out. Maybe it was because there were more people than the last time we went. Eventually you did feel comfortable and were back to being a little daredevil in the ball pit and on the slide. What surprised me the most was that you would keep trying to bury yourself in the balls and found it very funny. You saw me do that last time but I figured it would still be a little scary to you. I was wrong. It was a good time, and unsurprisingly you seemed to enjoy it much more than Knockknock who wanted only to calm play with small toys or observe others.

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