We considered some options for the day but settled on staying home in the morning and trying to get out in the afternoon. I did a lot more cleaning and getting rid of old junk which was good. Although, you called out for me a lot. Even though mom was with you you seemed to really want to play with me. I felt bad but had to just keep getting the chores done so we could enjoy our time later. The afternoon didn’t go exactly as planned though. You slept super long at nap time. We wanted to go to a dog center and let you pet some, but by the time you got up mom called them and heard they were busy and had a wait. It also started raining heavily out of nowhere. We decided to go to the mall and walk, maybe finding something you could play indoors. Unfortunately we didn’t see much, time was passing quickly, and we all had to get dinner. We ate and then just came back home because you still needed a bath and it was already past bedtime. I knownit wasn’t very exciting but you seemed happy just being out and with us, and we felt exactly the same way.

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