We all enoyed your chatter at dinner tonight. Mom gave you a book while we were eating. She and grandpa would say some words and you’d repeat them again and again. Mom could also ask you where something was and you’d point to it correctly. The funniest though was me and grandpa arguing over a picture of a bear and asking you who it was. You kept saying it was Gonggong. He would say it wasn’t him and it was dad instead. I kept saying Gonggong back, and you stuck with that opinion too. You are starting to pick up new words very quickly now and can pronounce them very well. It is interesting that you don’t seem to have any strong advantage in any one language. You can take words from all three you hear frequently and can remember them. We have talked before that it might be difficult for you to get languages straight and progress to sentences well, but the way you manage to acquire new sounds and remember different ways of saying some things shows it might not be too tough.

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