We went out to play in the neighborhood today so you wouldn’t be trapped indoors all day. I took you to the basketball courts first. We brought your ball and you were happy to toss it around for a while. I guess it wasn’t exciting enough because you eventually wanted to be hugged instead of playing more or exploring anything. I asked if you wanted to play on the slide and that got your interest so we moved to the playground. You went down both of the slides about a dozen times each. You’re so good at climbing the stairs and positioning yourself to slide down. It’s awesome you chose to go down the big slide on your own because I haven’t seen you do it except once or twice when I helped you before. I think you were getting tired because I don’t believe you’d get hired of sliding, but you wanted to walk again. We moved to the nearest exercise areas and played on each of the pieces of equipment. After a round of each there, we went oflver to the exercise area in our buildings courtyard and did the same rounds there. It was there something very surprising happened. I held you up to turn these spinning wheel things, and younsuddenly told me Liang ge because you wanted to do two at once. I’ve never heard you say that before, or anything else that indicates numbers. Very cool, Amelia. I had fun and am proud of you.

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