We had another tough start today. This time as soon as we arrived at school you stuck your fingers into some acrylic that hadn’t set yet, making your hands a sticky mess. It wouldn’t wash off with soap and water since it was already sitting out for a few days. In fact, washing it just made it more sticky. I felt so stressed because I needed to get ready to go out with my class for our field trip and trying to clean you was a bug project. I finally got your hands as clean as I could using rubbing alcohol. I still feel worried if there was any residue when you were eating, but even if I had more time there was nothing I could do to clean your hands any better.

We had some problems on the way home too. My bike barely had power, and just as we were about halfway home the rear tire suddenly went flat. Luckily there was a repair shop nearby, but I had to get you home so your schedule wouldn’t get too late. I dropped the bike in the shop, took you home, then went back for the bike.

Although today was full of more issues, you handled them better. You cooperated while I spent a long time cleaning your hands, even though I could tell you were annoyed by it. You also didn’t fuss about having to get off the bike and carry on home in a manner different than our routine. I appreciate it!

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