You’ve just gone to bed and rhe day has both started and ended a little tough. We got out of the house smoothly in the morning, but youbhad a very messy diaper when we arrived at school. You were back on track doing your routine things until I wanted to change you. As soon as I opened the diaper you began fighting to roll and stand. I could barely control you and had to hold you tightly to even try. Since I didn’t want to hurt you you still managed to get away some and made a huge mess of the changing table. It took a long time but I finally got you cleaned up and dressed again. I said bye and we only saw each other briefly the rest of the school day. The evening was practically a repeat with smooth trip home and then chaos before bed. Just when I wanted to change your diaper one last time you went crazy again. Thankfully you hadn’t pooped again, but getting you to cooperate with me before having your milk was a bu challenge once again. We’re going to keep working on this and I know we can find a way to both be happy.

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