We had a very full day today and it was a lot of fun for all of us. We were all up early and decided to go play out in the neighborhood after breakfast. We took your scooter and the bubble machine with us. Mom wanted to take the seat off your scooter and see if you can learn to ride it standing up. I was skeptical because you haven’t rode it much even with the seat. We went to the basketball courts and let you try but all you’d do is sit on it. There were some other kids playing there too of course, and you watched a slightly older girl ride her scooter but still weren’t ready to stand on yours yet. We played with the bubbles for a while, but that even seemed to leave you unsure what to do when the other kids crowded around you. We eventually moved to the courtyard by our building and let you play on the seesaw and exercise equipment. It was a lot of activity for you so we headed home for lunch and your nap. You had a long nap but then we went out again. Mom found an indoor playground for toddlers and young children. It had a lot of toys and a big slide with a surrounding ball pit. We watched you play there for a couple hours. I really enjoyed being silly in the ball pit with you. Despite all the playing you were still very active and excited when we went to have dinner. I am so happy to enjoy all these things together.

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