You were a bit of trouble arriving at school again today. I tried to keep you calmer and still get settled so you can have a good day to end the week. I saw you later during the International Circle and it seemed like your day was going smoothly by then. This stage is strange with you wanting to cling to me all the time but not wanting me to do anything to take care of you. You don’t cooperate with diaper changes or dressing. You throw tantrums when I need to help with small things. I know you’re always growing and learning to experience things in news ways so it doesn’t bother me, but it is a weird mix of wanting and not wanting me at the same time. This evening was even lole arriving at school. No matter what I’d do it would upset you. The only thing that didn’t is just holding you. I tried entertaining you even with the selfie camera but you weren’t as interested as usual. I had put a party hat filter on and that seemed to bother you even more. It was very cute though because you wanted to see yourself a little but would hide from the camera so it couldn’t detect your face well enough to place the hat.

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