After telling your mom about your morning routines at school last night I tried to record it this morning. However, you went straight to play mode today since you found Eddy was already at the front door of the school. I still caught a lot of cute moments and you were very happy, but it definitely wasn’t a good example of how you can prepare yourself then sit down for breakfast as independently as I told mom.

In the evening, you were clearly tired. You liked being in your chair less than usual and I took you to play on the bed earlier. When mom and I had to eat dinner you didnt even want to leave the room so I let my computer play videos so you could just stay relaxing on the bed. I don’t think you’ve ever been willing to be in a different room from us during dinner so it’s a sign you’re not feeling like usual. You’re coughing and sneezing a good bit. It seems we just can’t help you shake this cold fully. Last night you slept poorly due to coughing and you woke us all very early today. Hopefully you’ll sleep better tonight.

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