I don’t know if it’s your cold, something else bothering you, or just a stage you’re entering but there’s suddenly a lot of things you don’t want to do. Even for mom, who could usually do things like brushing your teeth or dressing you, it is becoming more of a challenge to get you to cooperate. You are still willing to try doing those things on your own. We are glad for that. It’s only that sometimes we have time considerations or other things that dictate the order we need things done. I am used to this challenge with my students, but it is stressful for mom. It is definitely difficult for her to be patient when pregnant and feeling like everything is harder herself. We will keep working together to cooperate with you, letting you have freedom and independence as much as possible, and showing patience and kindness when we must take a bit more control.

Speaking of your independence, I was telling mom about how capable you are becoming. She doesn’t get to see your arrival at achool each day, but I know she would be proud. You can walk in and to your classroom instead of being carried. You greet everyone you see int he way. You stop to take off your shoes by yourself. You put your water away. You go to wash your hands with me, then take a seat at the table to eat breakfast. You’ll even try to put your apron on yourself, and of course you have no trouble eating on your own. It is so wonderful to see and I know she would love to as well. We are both very proud of you and love the personality you have and keep developing. I know you are proud of yourself too.

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