Zhengjia Square has a new rainforest park that had opened up and today we went there with Knockknock’s family. Mom and I knew it would be a good chance for you to see more animals up close and you definitely enjoyed that. You squeeled with delight when you first began seeing them. You would point and smile so adorably. You were willing to pet a couple of the smaller things like baby rabbits, guinea pigs, small pigs, and even a horned toad. However, some of the bigger animals like the goats, sheep, and deer were a little too intimidating. You still liked to see them but would shake your head no if they got too close, showing me your limit. It was so great seeing how much joy was in your eyes and knowing you couldn communicate your boundaries. You also walked around a lot more on your own to explore independently. We had lunch outside and by the time we got home it was very late for your nap, so the rest ofbthe day went by quickly and only with typical chores. I am so proud of you and enjoyed our day so much.

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