You’re in a strange mood today and seem to be a little tired. We haven’t done a whole lot, but every time we go to the bed to change location a while you act like you want to go to sleep instead of playing. In the morning we played in the living room for a while. You got upset when mom went to lie down, and it wasn’t raining any more so I figured we could go for a little walk. As soon as we got downstairs it started raining again, but I didn’t want to give up so we went tonthe little mall across the street. I let you look at the toy store and decided to buy you a little animatronic dog. It was getting close to lunch time so we started to leave. I saw it was now raining heavily. Rather than fight over my umbrella (you alwaysbwant to hold it) I found a little shop that had a cute one more your size. We let the rain slow down a little then headed home. You did so good holding the umbrella perfectly upright. The rest of the day was just hanging out inside, but I think we all enjoyed it fine.

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