We crossed paths many times at school today, but I had things to do with my class and don’t want to get you accustomed to being able to leave yours. You looked so upset each time I walked away but I tried my best to say hello, smile, blow a kiss or anything to let you see I was happy to see you. You still do so well being independent at school but these times when you see me but can’t be with me might still be difficult for a while. Just know that I love you and will always be with you as much as I can.

You’re also clearly used to riding on the bike already. You fuss if I take too long to get you into your seat. I also noticed that you were singing and chatting all along the way today.

You’re cold seems to still be lingering even after all these days. You’re nose still quite runny and you’ve got a very raspy cough. I want to get you back to 100% health very soon.

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