I’m just too tired of the rain we’ve been having for so many days and all the hassles it creates riding the bus. It was very cloudy this morning and had rained most of the time we were getting ready to leave. But at the last minute the rain stopped and I decided to take our chance on the bike. Luckily we got to school before any more rain fell. I am so proud of how well you did riding the bike for your fist time. You sat well all the way without fussing or getting restless. It was the same on our way have later too. I’ve had a feeling that you would like riding the bike and today seems to have confined it is true.

We saw tour sibling for the first time today. Mom finally got her 3 month ultrasound even though it’s a few days past. It’s always a different feeling when I can see the photos and get a real sense that there’s a baby coming. Mom of course can feel the changes but I don’t get to. I remember the same feeling of excitement when we saw you for the first time. It looks like the baby is healthy and we are ready to share the news that’s you’ll have a brother or sister by the end of the year. I know you’ll be a great big sister and want you to always remember how much we love you.

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