Last night got even worse. You became very feverish and are clearly in a lot of discomfort. Mom and I agreed it is definitely time to see a doctor so she took you to the hospital today. I was hoping they’d do a chest scan since I am so worried about the water you inhaled lingering but they didn’t. I may be overly paranoid about that but I would always rather do everything possible to be 100% sure you’re OK. They did at least listen to your breathing and did take blood, concluding that you have a flu. You’re still suffering so much it hurts us to see. Mom sent me a picture of you sleeping at nap time and your expression made me hold back tears. At least we have medicine to give you now and will continue to watch carefully for improvement. If we don’t see some soon I will insist on seeing another doctor. I love you, Amelia. Get well soon.

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