We didn’t do as much today but still enjoyed some time while you were at school. The main plan was to visit an indoor farm that mom heard about and do some more walking. It’s raining yet again so we couldn’t be outdoors as much. The farm was cool and maybe something interesting for my class to go see. I picked you up alone in the afternoon and it was still raining lightly. When I opened my big umbrella you immediately wanted to hold it yourself. That obviously wouldn’t work well, especially for both of us so I gave you the small one I always keep in my bag. It was still a bit difficult for you to manage but you did surprisingly well to use it as it should be. It was certainly another of your incredibly cute and funny moments to remember.

You’ve started coughing some more and I am worried that it is because you stuck your face in the bathwater yesterday and choked a little. Maybe you didn’t quite get it all out, or whatever is irritating your lungs hopefully isn’t the onset of another cold. So fat you’re doing alright otherwise and we had a lotnof silly playtime fun before bed tonight.

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