We all had a great time playing before bed tonight. It was a lot of the usual; playing with your toys and looking at books. But we also played around in the way that I will catch you by the feet and drag you towards me. You always squeel and crawl away but are smiling and giggling so I know you like being caught this way over and over. I think you feel a bit like on a slide when I drag you across the bed too. Tonight you really played up the running away part which made it more funny. But the most hilarious thing was a video we made. I put the selfie camera on you and you loved it. You obviously remembered the last time I was recording selfie video after your haircut because you did a lot of the same things, only more exaggerated. You shoook your hair around like crazy, would wave your arms wildly, and made all sorts of funny noises. Any time you felt it was silly you’d pause and laught very hard. Mom and I were laughing right along with you. I know everyone really enjoyed this time together tonight.

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