It was a day of catching up. We talked with grandma for a while this morning. She was happy to see you as always, and you even held the phone and babbled a bit to her. I think you know she is someone important even though you haven’t met in person yet. Sunny, Harry, and Yangyang dropped by for a while as well. Aunt Sunny is crazy as always and says she misses you so much that they had to come. You seemed very unimpressed about Yangyang’s presence. I thought you’d be wager to okay with him as you are with most other kids. Instead you just watched him most of the time. Maybe you felt unsure about his play style since he just kinda likes tossing toys around. You also just don’t see him very often or usually see other children in our little house. At least it was something simple to do for part of the day, otherwise we wanted to stay home and you might have been bored. The holiday weekend is over but I am grateful we had some fun times as well as a chance to relax more.

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