It’s the start of Dragon Boat Festival and we have a 3 day weekend. Since you didn’t get to have much experience with the dogs that visited school, mom and I have talked about finding some places you can. We went to a cafe that has a lot of cats to visit and relaxed a while. You were very excited to follow the cats around and enjoyed doetting a few. It was so sweet to see you smiling and touching them so happily. There was even one big dog there, a spaniel, and you were very excited to see it. He turned out to be quite young a little to eager to play so you couldn’t be too close, but you did get a chance to pet and feed him a little. The only time you seemed worried about all the animals was when the dog got up and you could see how he was so big. I am glad that we were able to give you a chance to get acquainted with some nice animals and learn how to treat them. I hope we can do this some more. You had walked around the cafe and enjoyed dvisitng the animals so much that you fell asleep deeply in my arms on our way home.

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