Aome of the big classes had an activity with dogs coming to visit the school. I really wanted to let you have a chance to see the dogs up close since you love spotting them whenever we are out. Unfortunately, there were so many kids coming to visit and the teachers all had a hard time managing everything so you didn’t get much chance. I tried to sneak you up into the circle to pet them, but you began getting fussy by then. Ms. Anna had held you back when you had a chance to see them earlier. I know you really love animals and I will try to find a way to let you visit some in a better environment.

I also heard that you accidentally got hit by another student today. Huahua said you two were playing and they weren’t careful when they accidentally hit your head. I understand those things happen and you were ok. What was funny was much later this evening Ms. Ray sent me messages saying they heard Eddy hit you at school and they were so sorry. It was very funny that she accidentally snitched on her little brother since we didn’t know who hit you before, but knowing it was Eddy makes it even easier to believe it was an accident. I’m sorry if you got hurt and hope any bump will pass quickly. I know you’re a tough little girl.

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