You had a fever again when we all woke up today. You felt even hotter than last time and we were a little worried. It seemed to cool down some after we got out of bed and you had your breakfast. Moms Ayi came by and we all went down to the garden to enjoy the weather. I followed you as you walked around exploring. You like to play with the exercise equipment and ride on the seesaw. You also pushed your scooter around and played with a couple toys we brought along. In fact, you didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable at all. We spent the rest of the day relaxing inside because you need some more rest to fully get over these illnesses troubling you lately. I am in the same position. It was a good day anyway. We heard you talking a lot and you’re walking more steadily. One new thing you started saying today was your name, “Xiao Qiao”, which was super adorable.

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