I left work early today because I started to feel very uncomfortable. I was staying healthy even though you, mom, and many of my students and colleagues have all had colds, but it finally got me too. You wanted me to hold you when you finally saw me around dinner time, but I am blowing my nose so much I don’t want to spread germs to you and get your sick again. It’s so sad when you want me but I have to keep you away. A little hug could even be good medicine for me otherwise. After dinner, mom and you were on the bed so at least we could hang out and chat a while. Hopefully I can recover soon and give you lots more hugs.

Huahua sent us the cutest video of you this morning. You were playing so happy and laughing out loud as you walked around, climbed a slide, and pretended to swim on the floor with your classmate Letong. It really made me smile to see how much you are growing to enjoy things on your own, playing in your own ways, and so excited you can just laugh out loud.

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