We woke today to find that you have a fever. You were sneezing a lot recently so must have caught a cold. It was more important that mom go to work than me, since she has only just started her new job. I stayed home with you to recover for a day. We went for a shirt walk around the neighborhood just to let you get out a little and because it is supposed to rain a lot in the coming days. We came back inside and played a while during the morning and afternoon. You’re getting better at walking so you spent all the time pacing back and forth across the living room. You slept well for a morning and afternoon nap too. Grandpa was also at home so I think you had a nice day with your two guys.

On her way to work, mom did stop by the hospital for an ultrasound. It confirmed the pregnancy and the doctor says she is around 6.5 weeks. It’s crazy to know that I’m just 7.5 more months there’ll be another little one in our family. Although, mom won’t feel like it is JUST 7.5 months. We’ll have to take good care of her as it will get tougher for her, but the time will be going fast for all of us.

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