As ridiculous as it is, we had to do covid tests at school again today, even though we all just had to do them before coming back to school. My class had just finished when yours came down, so I figured I’d lend a hand. When we did our tests this past Wednesday, you were really hesitant and didn’t want to open your mouth. I had to give it a little squeeze and your cried, so I worried today would be the same. However, you did open your mouth ok and when the guy out the swab in you immediately bit down on it. You have quite a strong bite and would not let the stick go. Everyone thought it was pretty funny, except for the testing guy probably.

I also heard from Ms. Lynn today that you were more comfortable in music class. It seems like a lot of the teachers noticed how worried you looked when you’d be in the music room before, and now they always want to let us know you’re making progress. I was always confident you would and could have more fun there when you were ready. I guess you’ll be enjoying it more as the weeks go on because you certainly love music at home.

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