It’s the last day of the holiday and we all needed to get covid tests before returning to school. Mom had an outing in the morning, so you and I were on daddy daughter time again. We did our test in the neighborhood since it was available, then I took you to the park. This time I brought some of your toys and you had plenty to keep you occupied. Of course, you were still interested in some things others had, but at least we could share too. You did a lot more walking without holding my hand and we’re doing really great. It’s hard to control your speed so sometimes you’d topple forward, and once you did roll and bump your head in the exact same place as your recent school bump. Mom got home to give you lunch and we all just enjoyed the end of the holiday at home. You were being so funny at dinner, putting one of your ring shaped rattles into your mouth and holding it with your teeth. You kinda looked like one of the fancy lion head door knockers which gave us a big laugh.

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