It’s the weekend but also the start of Labor Day holidays. We went to the park for a while in the morning. You got to ride your scooter for a while with my help. You were also very interested in toys that some of the other children brought and they were nice enough to share. We’ll need to start bringing more of your toys so you don’t always take from others and can learn to share too. On the way home, we had a really funny moment when we waited for a traffic light and were stood next ti a woman and her dog. it had orange fur and you had orange clothes, and both of you were riding in a purple stroller. Mom and I found this super funny, but you were just excited to see a doggy up close for a while.

Later in the day we went to K11 mall to meet some of my old friends. You’ve met Nick, Yuna, and baby Freya before and they will be leaving China for Canada soon. The others you hadn’t met but they were from my old job. I am excited they finally got to meet you. Of course we love showing you off. You were quite happy with all the attention from everyone as well, making faces, smiling, laughing, and babbling nonstop to everyone at dinner. Before then, while we had waited for everyone to arrive, we walked the mall and let you practice walking a lot on your own. You’re doing great when holding a hand. We went into one store and you saw a very soft stuffed llama toy, which once I let you feel you refused to let go of.

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