This morning was pretty fun. We got to school early enough, and you were feeling a bit more outgoing on arrival, so I let you play with some things before going into class. The main thing you were interested in was a rainbow light setup for the schools upcoming exhibition. You love lights anyway, and this one was in the floor in reach. The colors really attracted you and you spent a long time looking it over, shining it on the wall, and telling me lots of things about it. It was nearby the wooden slide on the second floor, so of course you had to go slide a few times as well. Again, you tried climbing it to slide down on your own and had cecent success. You enjoyed it but also noticed the watermelon tumbler was also nearby and just had to explore it a while. It was a nice moment for us both. Just playing together with these things you liked before joining our classes.

We’ve also decided that we’ll let you stay until dismissal starting tomorrow instead of leaving earlier. You don’t seem to have trouble getting through a full school day and we’ve found that you just wont want to rest before dinner any more anyway. I keep trying to get you to sleep but you won’t. Maybe you’re too excited that I just got home, are missing mom and know you’ll see her soonest if you stay awake, or both. Whatever, we always end up getting back up to feed you dinner before it gets too late. We’ll just do dinner first from now on. After dinner you can hang out with us then have an earlier bottle and bedtime after some nice time with mom and I.

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