As I said last night, you’re not one to stop when you want to do something. The other part to that is you can easily get bored and when you are it’s trouble. Our morning commute together had been going mostly well, but each day you get a bit more restless than the last in the bus. I know it isn’t very entertaining. It’s hard for me to know how to keep you happy though. I can’t bring toys to play with because you always want to move on to another quickly, so you’d toss it aside. If I brought more, it would just be more things to try and keep from losing on a crowded bus. If I try talking and singing to you instead of playing with something, you just want to get out of the stroller and move around. I’m thinking we really need to look into a bike seat for you. It’s always been the plan eventually, and I think you’d like it. It could be good for us both, less stress for me and an adventurous experience for you. Of course safety is most important so I don’t want to rush figuring it out.

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